Keeping In Touch Or Just Leave It

I met a man while on a trip. We saw each other twice there and it was really nice, we could talk about many things for hours. I thought there was a good connection between us but since I got back home he has only replied nicely but briefly to my messages but he doesn’t write me or ask me questions.

A few days ago I thought I should just forget about this person but I just sent him another message. I have sent only a few (maybe 5 since we met last month). I think my mind says it’s not worth keeping contact with him but another part of me says if you don’t try and put effort in it, you might never start a relationship.

It seems to be saying that sometimes love doesn’t come easily. That you need to approach it slowly and then something can come up.

My question is should I just stop hoping for something with this person since he seems not interested. Is it my lack of self esteem that makes me do that or am I right trying things ?