Knowing turnover in advance

Hi Brooke,

I’ve done the HTFB workshop. In Model #1, bonus video #1 one of the women who wants to start her coaching business and earn 10.000 a month is rather insecure on how she is able to know when she will earn that amount of money. You go with her through her model and show her she can choose the thought she wants and that supports her. Intellectually I get this. But I’m having difficulties believing I’m able to choose my turnover in advance.

In my case;

C. Art business

T. I don’t know how many paintings I’m able to sell in 3 months time.

F. Insecure.

A. Hesitating in contacting potential clients.

R. Slow progress


C. Art business

T. My clients are happy to buy one of my paintings.

F. Motivated/inspired/energized.

A. I do whatever it takes (in my plan) to contact them.

R. 10 paintings sold before 2018.

I wrote this last model, but can’t really believe it will happen (in this period of time). Should I look for a bridge-thought that I’m able to believe?

Will you please give your feedback?

Thank you so much!

By the way, my kitchen drawers are more organized than ever before;-)