There was knowledge there all along…but that thought drama (EV)


I’ve been messing around telling myself I don’t know what to talk to my future audience about.

But I just realized that a few months ago I spent 10 minutes writing down as many ideas as I could think of.

I literally have 30 topics that have to do with weight loss, mindset and excercise.

I’ve also been saving certain Instagram posts that catch my attention as potential topics I could cover — I have 66 topics.

So I already have almost 100 topics I can do either blog posts, live videos, emails and such.

I mean — is this just me pretending like I don’t know so that I can avoid the work?


Of course, I’ll have to do a bit of more research on each topic so I have more facts and resources.

But I’ve been so stuck in my “idk” that I didn’t realize that I’d already jotted notes and possible social posts for the last year.

So now I just have to get over myself and follow through on this ? 😳

Anytime I go to actually plan things, I tip toe and get into a whole bunch of other things.

Then my brain wanders into things like “ well you need to figure out how to do actually do a live video”, “ do I want to actually write a blog or create videos?”

I’m just spinning in this.

I did a model on a thought today

C- Impossible goal of 100k in coaching biz
T- my thoughts are holding me back
F- helpless
A- half ass everything, procrastinate on creating an actual plan, buffer on social media and beat myself up for not being committed
R- I’m holding myself back from achieving my goals

While I truly believe that my thoughts are holding me back, I’m using it as a way to feel powerless — which really sucks.

T- I can have these thoughts and still move forward
F- empowered
T- take action regardless of fear and doubt
R- closer to achieving my goal

I’m trying to understand how my intentional can actually work out.

I mean I always felt we should towards our goals with good energy.

So I feel like That new thought doesn’t address the negative thought/emotion.

Unless I’m not getting something.

Can you help me out here ?