Lack of Confidence in Certain Client Situations

My job involves helping clients resolve disputes with others. I find that I’m often second guessing myself and questioning my actions. It makes me nervous often and highly anxious. I did a thought download and a model that I’d love some help with… ultimately I want to find a way to celebrate client wins but also not wrap up my identity so much in the outcomes I get for them. I also just want to have more confidence in myself. I’ve been in my profession for 11 years so I know this is brain work that I need to do.

C my client’s situation
T I don’t know what I’m doing
F nervous
A I anticipate the worst outcome possible
R I am on edge and scared to open emails
Or hop on a call until I have clear evidence that “I’m winning” the situation w a favorable outcome for my client, I don’t trust myself

C my client’s situation
T i did my best work
F confident
A I articulate my position clearly, I don’t second guess myself and I embrace the outcome no matter what
R ???