The last 10 pounds debate

Hi! I’m struggling with my indecision to lose the last 10 pounds. Since I’m athletic and have a lot of muscle, I don’t think my body is “overweight at 153 and 5’7.” However, I have a desire to get to 140 based on some of the information I’ve collected from your podcasts and the stop overeating workshop videos. I have made big strides in my body image over the past few months. I no longer use exercise to buffer (I wrote to Ask Brooke about this when I first joined scholars). I tweaked my macros (to a numbers that I had been avoiding previously since they were “just not comfortable enough”)and incorporated intermittent fasting which I love and have dropped 5 or so pounds in the last couple months. The confusing thoughts I have though are this battle between a girl who suffered most of her life with an eating disorder and a woman who is eating to fuel appropriately and getting to a weight that is natural and healthy for my frame. I’m realizing I have this story that if I care about getting to this weight, that I’m still this woman battling an eating disorder. I don’t identify with that story now, but it’s still a part of me because it has been so pervasive my whole life. I often hear you say that the reasons you have for finishing or your end result is not the same as when you started. I have that thought about the reason I want to lose the last 10 pounds. The reason is because I want to see if it’s possible that I can weigh 140 and maintain it, not because I’m striving for a perfect body or because I don’t currently love my body. Both of those unhealthy reasons had been my motivation over the past few years when trying to lose the weight I put on during pregnancies. I have done a lot of work over the past few months on loving my body and it has really paid off. My reason for wanting to lose the last 10 pounds is coming from a good place of seeing what is possible for myself. I guess I don’t even know what my question is for you exactly. Maybe I’m searching for a new story line. I need help with the new thought and the new story. My story isn’t “Here’s a chick with some major body dysmorphia who is never satisfied.” It is different now but I don’t know how to pull out the new story line to replace it.