Law of Attraction – Abraham Hicks

I’ve been reading the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction books (so far I’ve read Book 1 and I’m currently on Book 2 -the one about money). I want to thank you for recommending them. I had heard them mentioned on another podcast previously (Mind Your Business) and had purchased the audiobook but didn’t get too far with it because I was weirded out by the channeling, the way Esther spoke and the spooky background music. Then I heard your podcast episode #60 and you mentioned that while yes it is a bit weird, there is a lot of good wisdom in there and definitely worth a read. That motivated me to get past my thoughts that were preventing me from proceeding to listen to the book, and once I did that, I listened to the book in its entirety and loved it. It’s helping me form empowering beliefs.

There’s something I’ve been wondering and not clear on and was hoping you might have some insight. In the book they say that when you feel positively about something you want, you attract it and when you feel negatively you repel it. I feel like your model supports this because the R line always seems to prove the T line. They also say however that when you feel negatively about something you DON’T want, you attract it. What are your thoughts on this? If we follow the logic of how we get what we DO want, wouldn’t we only get what we don’t want if we feel positive emotion about it? Would love to hear your insight.

Also, they recommend of going to a “Creative Workshop” everyday where you give thought to what you want with clarity. Is this essentially what you do during your morning hikes after you listen to podcasts?

Thanks so much in advance! I love being in SCS and I’m so excited for the money bonus!