Learning patience

Hi Brooke!
My weight looks as if it’s stagnating – I still have to lose the last 8 pounds (instead of 10 when I first started).
C – stable weight
T – I must be defective or doing things wrong.
E – doubtful
A – I change my protocol, schedule an appointment with a tutor (Suzy on the 15th of November), listen to the overeating calls and the Masterclass and… overeat (though no sugar, no flour)
R – my weight is not moving
But then, this morning, on one of the overeating calls, I heard Katrina say that for the last 10 pounds, you shouldn’t expect to lose more than 1 pound every three weeks. All of a sudden, I released the pressure I’ve put on myself to lose my last pounds… yesterday!
C – last 10 pounds
T – It’s normal to drop the last 10 pounds super slowly.
E – relieved, reassured
A – I lovingly look at my adorable eating protocol, I realise that it will take me about 8 months to lose my 4 last kilos, I add a sleep protocol so that I take better care of myself (because I only overate when I was over-tired), try to find positive patience thoughts…
R – I drop the last pounds when they’re ready to go.
So my question is: how can I think patient thoughts? Here are some I’ve come up with:
– I plant my actions as if they were seeds.
– If I keep on following my protocol, results are bound to happen.
– My body is taking its time and it’s ok since it’s the last time I lose those pounds.
– I can enjoy the process of taking better care of myself.
Any others?
Thank you! Have a great day!
Nadège in Paris