Learning to Love My Job

I am focusing on self-confidence this month and one of the results I’d like to create is to love my job. I often have a lot of anxiety around pieces of my job because I’m worried about feeling uncomfortable emotions. So I think self-confidence is a great focus because if I trust myself to handle any emotion, that removes a burden of my job and I think will allow me to embrace loving it.

I have been working towards this result by trying out models with self-confidence in the F line as well as models with “I love my job” in the R line. I don’t think I’m creating the strongest models with these focuses. They seem messy and like I’m combining multiple models. I’d love some feedback:

Model #1:
C – Client meeting
T – I am not afraid of discomfort if the client throws something unexpected at me.
F – Self-confident
A – Don’t ruminate on what might go wrong, don’t look for evidence of meetings going poorly in the past, prepare for the meeting efficiently, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”, don’t beat myself up for not having the answer, don’t catastrophize something going wrong, look for areas to improve without judgement
R – I don’t feel discomfort ahead of time so I can show up calmly and confident

Model #2
C – Client Meeting
T – I am prepared to provide value here.
F – Excited
A – Prepare for the meeting with the client’s and company’s goals in mind, don’t catastrophize something going wrong, don’t create drama stressing about the meeting, trust my thought process, prepare efficiently, search for value for all parties
R – I believe I provide value so love my job