Living with parents

Hi Brooke!

I need some help with an intentional thought model please. My mam is always getting frustrated with what my dad says/does and will make faces to me to convey her annoyance making me feel in the middle or that I’m on her side when I am not on anyones side. Also I can see how her behaviour and what I guess to be her thoughts makes my dads behaviour more annoying for her. I live with my parents and my brother and sister and I think it affects me more because it’s there every day. I know that’s my circumstance though so I need to fix the thought because I will be living at home for the next while!!
C: my parents
T: My mam gets so frustrated with my dads behaviour and she’s not helping the situation by how she’s thinking
F: annoyed
A: ignore parents bickering while I’m in their presence, avoid eye contact so I’m not involved
R: feel frustrated with my mams behaviour

New model:
C: my parents
T: She’s dealing with the situation the best she can
F: compassionate
A: unaffected by bickering
R: not frustrated with the situation

I’m not sure compassionate is working for what I want to feel…I just don’t want to be involved! Any thoughts would be really appreciated!