Long Distance Family

Brooke, I just did day 4 and realized I am deliberately trying not to show love or engage too much with my family (brother, mom and dad) because we live a very long way away. I’m living permanently in Canada and they are all in Australia. This is where we are from and we grew up on the family farm where my brother is now living with his wife. I love my family (and the farm) dearly, but I deliberately separate myself from them because I miss them so much. It’s constant, and has been a pattern I have developed since going to boarding school at 12 years old. Here’s my model: C. Living in different country from family. T. I don’t get to see them enough (every 2-3 years) so it’s easier to not communicate with them often. F. Sad. Dull blunted. A. Email /call infrequently (every 2 weeks or so) R. Not sharing enough of my life, nervous how to discuss the slow business start I’m experiencing). Pretty sure this model is broken, just working it on the fly here. I really do love my family, we are very close and have a great relationship. They understand me very well, and are totally supportive. Can you suggest an alternative model please? Thanks