Looking for a prior Friday Coach Like

For once, I didn’t directly follow your advice. (“Just trust you learned what you needed” from one of your prior blog posts that I could not relocate.) I decided to look through my emails one more time because I remember how powerful this post was to me and would like to share with other folks in the SCS program who have not been following your wisdom for as long as I have. This blog post sums up the difference between saying we want something and being committed to get what we say we want. (January’s Lesson) Classic Brooke! (You are one great teacher and coach!)

Happy Friday Everyone!
People tell me they want things all the time.
“I want a thriving practice.”
“I want an amazing relationship.”
“I want a thin body.”
But they don’t.
If they really wanted those things, they would prove it to themselves.
They would do everything they could do to get it.
The truth is they kinda want it.
They hope they get it.
They aren’t committed.
If you really want something, give it to yourself.
Get it for yourself.
Don’t let anything stand in your way.
Then look at yourself and say, “I got this for you.”

Have a fantastic weekend,