Love the brain work.

Hi Brooke, I have a question for you my Daughter brought to me. There is a little tribe of us working on our Year of Doing the Impossible 2018 goals, and I said to my Daughter..”I can not wait for the end of the year so we can get together and share our goals”.

She told me she had watched a Ted Talk about how the brain is tricked in a bad way when we share our goals with others. Can you speak to this? I watched this three minute Ted Talk by Derek Sivers called Keeping Your Goals To Yourself.

Interesting she should say this as I have found in my own life how talking is not doing, but it seems to take an edge off. After talking through my goals, I do feel a sense of satisfaction of having done something but in reality nothing but words and no action..We are so interested in your thoughts on this subject?