Love without attachment

Hi :), I have been going through a “hell week” which I know is a thought but I’m choosing to think it because emotional weeks like this are so out of the ordinary for me that I need some kind of label. I have been at my job for five months and support attorneys and I realized two weeks ago that I had romantic feelings for one of the attorneys. I am twenty two years old out of undergrad and she is 29 years old in her second year as an associate. I personally feel that with all the coaching that I have that I would be an asset in her overstressed life but she has yet to see that value in me. I went home all last week crying about it and wondering what I could do to make her see my love for her and also to love me back. I was speaking to my best friend and she told me about these 39 questions to make someone fall in love with you and it worked for her! I just want to feel love for this attorney but I also think it’s attached to me thinking that feeling love will somehow create that feeling for her. And I’m spinning in this maniacal understanding of the world. I know the model inside and out but this seems like it’s impossible to reconcile. I’ve never been in a relationship and I don’t see what I’m doing wrong. Maybe there is a thought in here that is glaringly obvious as a place to start?