Maintaining a sense of spaciousness for creativity in my planning

Hi Brooke, I’m brand new to your Scholars program, which looks amazing. I have a question that arose from the first month’s assignment. Until 3 years ago, I was a highly organized senior partner at a major firm and I lived by my calendar. I was very focused on “doing”. I left my position to become an artist. Although I had previously exhibited little artistic talent, I learned that I could produce beautiful paintings from a zone of meditative spaciousness. Eckhart Tolle has described this process perfectly. I used to love working with my staff to build on their strengths, and I am now feeling inspired to help other business women who have a yearning to find a way to express their creativity. My plan is to paint half time and work as a life coach half time. I watched your video yesterday and am working out the steps in a calendar to create a website by September 30. I am concerned about how to build the spaciousness aspect into my calendaring and I feel a bit stuck. If I get too focused on productivity, the creativity disappears, yet creativity is fundamental to both my painting and coaching. Do you have any thoughts on how to balance a rigid agenda and the spaciousness necessary for true creativity to emerge?