September Goal question

The last month I spent getting most of my website done. My niche is speech language pathologist want to quit because they are burned out- but (think they) can’t. I want to get my first full price paying client by September 30th (in my niche). I’ve been coaching intermittently for the last 5 years.

I have a bunch of to-do’s on my list, but It doesn’t guarantee that I will get a paying client. I feel like that piece isn’t completely in my control. which is a crappy thought I know. Am I doing this right?

C I want a paying client by 9/30
T I can complete all of my to- do’s like a badass BUT it doesn’t garantee some one will sign up
F responsible for my to do’s but also powerless
A complete my to do’s anyway with determination
R I will do my best to make this happen

I know there is a piece I am missing here and probably mixing models. I can’t get my brain around it.

Main obstacles not wanting to feel tired, afraid, confused and I believe I have good awareness to keep working(task-wise) despite these.
accept this piece “I might do all of these tasks and still not get a client and that would suck” -except I would still be a bad ass for getting my shit done.

Can you help me take this to the next level?