You Make It Look Easy

Hey Brooke,

I am an aspiring writer and am in the process of writing my first book. I was lucky enough to be able to live without a day job for the past three years but that circumstance is changing and I will need to find a source of income while I keep pursuing my writing career.

I was doing models and thought management and realized that some of the thoughts I currently have are:

I don’t want to work for someone else.
I rather be self-employed and manage my own schedule.
I will most probably hate any of the jobs I am likely to apply to.
I am sure the pay will be low for any job I can get.

Surely with such negativity, no wonder it will led me to think – well, with that in mind, maybe I should find out what services or product I can offer if I want to be self-employed, which led me to consider coaching.

I read here that you answered another scholar that coaching is an unregulated profession and anyone can become one.
Buy a domain, build a website, choose a niche, some marketing, and of course, getting clients, could be looked at as easy, get-done in a week or it will take some time.

As for the coaching ability itself, which is, I guess, the main issue, YOU make it look so easy when you coach on calls. And intellectually I know I can think I can think it is easy or more complicated than it looks. The choice is mine.
Thing is, if writing is truly the way I want to earn living ultimately, does it make sense to choose a temp day job of becoming a coach and half-ass do it?