Making peace with internet outages and people

We’ve had problems off and on where we live with a consistent internet connection. I’ve also had issues with management of the community where we live. I realized I could move, and change the circumstance, and we’ve spent a month now looking for a place I like better an so far I haven’t found one that meets the criteria for trading in what we have now and I had a realization while listening to the self-coaching series at the bottom of this month’s homework page that part of my work is to deal with my anger around the issues I have and find a way to make peace with where I am because it really is 50/50 and right now I want to keep the 50/50 I have rather than settle for a less desirable 50/50. I’m also finding out that internet in this area just isn’t always that reliable and maybe I can’t count on that without moving to a whole other region of the country I’m in, which I also don’t want to do right now. So… I want to get to acceptance and love for where I live, internet issues and unpredictable management and all. So what next… what first, there’s a lot of self coaching and also asking myself, “if I did know how to do my online business with inconsistent signal, how would I do it?” I feel a lot of resistance to working on this, but it’s come up over and over again over the last year so I’m thinking it’s here for me to work through. It feels ridiculously big. Even though it seems so small compared to what I’ve worked through in Scholars before like my marriage, kids, parenting, worry. I feel like this shouldn’t bother me so much because it’s nothing compared to other things.