Man Frenzy

Hi Brooke,

I’m single and want to be married. I took your suggestion about how would someone act who knew that they would be married in 3 months act and tried it on. I went back online on the dating site I use and started contacting men that seemed appealing to me.

I immediately had results and ended up attracting several interesting men. Plus I’ve been dating someone for a couple months. Now I have a man frenzy and have 4 interesting men that are pursuing me. Its fun and exciting but I’m also really anxious about it. I have reservations about each one even though they all have amazing qualities. What I would like to do is take the best qualities from each one of them and combine them into one man. LOL.

I’m not sure what to do. Do I pick one and just focus on that relationship? Feels really scary to me to do this an limit myself, definitely feeling resistance.

Do I date all of them for a while and see which one I like the most? I’m already feeling pressured by a couple of them and the one I’ve been dating for a couple months, is getting really frustrated and annoyed with me because I’m not moving forward in our relationship. I really don’t want to hurt this man or any of these men at all.

Of course if there was one perfect one (in my mind) then I would happily throw all of my eggs in one basket. But there isn’t.

So wondering if I just make a choice anyway and throw all of my eggs in one basket and love that man?

Or keep dating and being open and try to love the person I happen to be with during our date? And just see what happens?

As you can probably tell I’m feeling a bit of anxiety about this situation…maybe its too much of good thing? Maybe its not constrained enough?….Btw, I tend to be a perfectionist and no one/nothing is ever quite good enough for me. Ugh.