Manager Discussion Follow Up #4

Previous coaching from two weeks ago:

When you think you’re in-demand, you behave in ways that lead to you being more in-demand. When you believe you can create new opportunities, you open yourself up to finding them everywhere.

What might this awareness teach you about the way things have gone in your life and career thus far? Since our results are always created by our thoughts, what do you want to put in your R-line?

Answer & New question:

I’m always surprised when people praise my contributions or tell me I’m talented in some area or say/do things that imply they value my work. I haven’t explored the root of this surprise but I suspect it comes from believing the put-downs and “nobody cares about you” from my sister while growing up. I’m still surprised when people remember my name, let alone use it in conversation. Even my manager, who I’ve known over 3 years and who uses my name in conversation almost every week.

What I want to put in the R line: ALL THE THINGS (just kidding)

I’m going through the “organize your mind & life” workbook and these are some of the results coming up that I want to create:

– I easily sign clients
– I have an unshakeable work ethic
– I increase my value output and my demand
– I earn enough to pay off my Uncle’s medical debt from terminal cancer
– I don’t worry about what other people think of me
– I have a fully booked coaching practice

In the course of writing this out, another thought/belief has bubbled up: I don’t want to have a really high opinion of myself. I tend to see people who do have high opinions of themselves as people who are more likely to be arrogant and not humble. I’m making having a high opinion of myself mean that I’d be arrogant and a jerk, kind of like Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis if anyone’s seen that.