Managing Emotions after a Scam

A few hours ago, I fell into a scam and gave the thief all my credit card details willingly before understanding what was happening. The financial loss is about $300
I am so aware of the thoughts I have and the thoughts I want to have about this story.

What I currently think:
1. It was so obvious… how did you fall for this
2. Idiot/stupid….etc
3. This is so scary… it that can happen what else might happen in life.

Feelings – Shame / Intense fear/panic all at the same time

Action – Overthinking about the situation / indulging in negativity

Result: heart palpitations, Insomnia

Now, I am so aware of this model and I know it’s not desirable and I do have different thoughts about what happened that are more freeing – I don’t want the thief to steal my money AND my peace of mind 😆😄
But I’m so stuck in the old model

My question is – how do I sit with the old model until it’s really processed? And how do I process this event so that I don’t get traumatized about it in the future?