managing energy

I’ve been dealing with Chronic Fatigue for many years. I’m coming out of that through changing my thoughts. (easily 4x my energy so far!)

Now I’m aiming to level up again. Sometimes I notice the thoughts of “I’m so tired” (creating more fatigue of course) and I then would previously take this as a reason to rest. Now I notice that while energy may be lower, I can still move on things and be okay.

However, since this is new in the sense that I’m leveling up, how do I tell the difference between a legitimate need for rest versus the old habit of buffering using lack of energy as an excuse. When is the fatigue just a sign of the old habit, and I can try and stretch myself a little, versus overdoing it.

Historically, I’ve both used fatigue as an excuse AND I’ve burned myself out many times. Struggling to find balance in this and would appreciate your feedback.