Thinking about money

C bills are due
T I need money to pay my bills
F worried
A feel worried and anxious, try and think of ways I can get money now
R I need to pay my bills

So more and more people are reaching out to me as a life coach. I’ve been working on my thought work, intentionally, every single day for about two weeks now. Before it was more sporadic and not intentional. I am feeling really good about this. I had a consult, she said yes but is waiting to start until mid-June, which is fine, I know she will come when she’s ready.

I had another person reach out to me today from an email I sent and offered her a call (because she asked).

So clients are definitely coming and I’m willing to do the work until it’s consistent.

And here’s the but…I have bills to pay.

I wouldn’t mind getting a job but it has to be a certain amount paying job with flexible hours as I’m the one that watches our two and five-year-old. I’m also almost 7 months pregnant (which I’m 100% fine working through). So if I get a job that would require me to get a babysitter, I would need to get paid enough to cover that cost otherwise it’s a wash.

Ideally, I would like to just focus on being a life coach but I’ve been at this for almost 18 months and have made $1k which obviously doesn’t pay the bills. My money is almost out that I saved up and now I’m searching for ways to help me pay my bills (which are taxes I owe and my credit card).

So I would love not to worry but the circumstance is that my bills are due. I don’t have to pay them but I don’t like the consequences that would happen if I didn’t.

I could ask my husband to pay for my bills but that makes me feel all sorts of shame. Would he? Sure but he wouldn’t be happy about it and I don’t want finances to put a dent in our relationship. I have always been self-sufficient and know I am meant to be a life coach. I know I will get over all of this and it’s just a blip in time but I just don’t know what to do.