Managing my mind on doubts in a new relationship

I am dating someone who I am in love with and I am ready to commit to (I told him I want to be his girlfriend). He has said plenty of things that indicate (or explicitly state) that he feels the same way, but I also have evidence that maybe he is lying. While he says he loves me, he is not yet ready to commit to defining the relationship (despite a lot of evidence that we have been in a relationship basically since we met)

I managed my mind around this well last week after some evidence that made me question his intentions. Then this morning he said and did something that made me go right back to crazy-person mode.

Part of me is like “I got this, nothing has changed, nothing has gone wrong, I can manage my mind and wait until he is ready” and the other part of me wants to be confrontational about how crazy this makes me feel, how what he has said raises red flags of manipulation and gas lighting for me, and ask him to better explain himself and his reasoning.

I am afraid that if I push, I will scare him away. I am less afraid of staying patient and strong and getting my heart broken later. But either way, what I don’t want to is to be constantly managing my mind around this and slipping into crazy mode every so often.

Tips on questions to ask myself?