Managing My Mind with Corinne

I watched Corinne’s video and am trying to work on noticing the thought, asking why I might think that, and neutralizing the thought. I want to know if I’m on the right path with my work. Can you please review and give input?

I’ve been snoozing a lot the last few weeks instead of getting up and getting stuff done.

Notice my thinking:
1. I’m too tired to get up because I stayed up later than planned.
2. I don’t want to exercise. If I keep snoozing then I won’t have enough time to do it before work.
3. I didn’t prep adequately for today so I’m punishing myself.
4. It’s too late to be “perfect” because it’s Tuesday.
5. If I stay in bed I might get some affection from my husband.

Why might I think this:
1. I am physically tired or I set the alarm unrealistically early.
2. It takes effort to go downstairs to ride the bike; It doesn’t make a difference in my weight if I do this exercise – it’s not intense enough to make a difference; exercise is hard
3. I put off planning for today, I’ve screwed up and it won’t be a perfect week now.
4. Perfectionism was the goal instilled in me as I was growing up.
5. Because I am usually the initiator of intimacy; if I get in some snuggle time I will feel loved

Neutralize the thought:
1. I am tired; I stayed up past bedtime
2. Exercise
3. Prep work for today not completed ahead of time
4. It’s Tuesday
5. I want affection

Am I on the right path? Now what do I do?