The manual, boundaries and work ethic

Hi Brooke, my question is regarding work and coworkers. I love getting to work and start working right away. I do not care for unnecessary distractions and socialization. I want to get my work done. I work in a small office and a few of my coworkers like to stop by and just start talking about their personal life, show me facebook videos or just rant about their personal life. First, I really don’t care about this. I rather get my work done, I know I can manage my mind about this.

My question is, how to establish boundaries without having a manual? I have done things like saying: I’m sorry I can’t talk/see video etc right now. I need to get this project out in the next hour. To which the reponse is either tell me it will only take a minute to watch and continue to show me whatever it is or continue talking. I have also said, I can’t talk right now I’m going to finish this (insert work project) and put my headphones back on. The response in the past is keep talking or come closer to my desk and continue their non-work related story.

How can I handle this with boundaries and not a manual. Thank you for everything.