March Hw

BROOKE, I’m so excited for this month. Especially love the idea of doing positive thought downloads.

My goal for a while has been to make $100k in a year in my coaching business.

I can get myself to a place where it’s exciting and believe that its possible – then all the doubt and fear floods in. I kinda take action and then go back to default mode and repeat. I have made progress – the “how” doesn’t matter. But there are still days where I am just paralyzed.

I am wondering for this month- should I change this in some way? I don’t want to give up the goal. Because I still want to get to this place.

If I change the thought to “I am going to make $8k a month”, It feels like a closer step even though it’s kinda the same thing?

Not sure if that would be a ladder thought.

It’s strange because I have a difficult time visualizing who id be or what i’d be doing at 100k but can visualize myself at 8k (even though this still brings up thought drama and fear). Maybe cause it just seems so big and far fetched and so out of reach.

I really want to believe that I can make that much money each month and of course the 100k in a year — I’ve entertained all the reasons why it’s not possible for FAR TOO LONG.

I’m ready for my 8k month and 100k year!!

Your advice is appreciated.