March Thought


I am working on the March homework and would like some help to identify the most effective sentence to practice a new belief.

People pleasing is what I am addressing and my unintentional model is…

C People
T It stresses me out to think that someone else might be upset or disappointed in me
F Stress
A Take action to please the other person
R The person may or may not be pleased and I am affected by their feelings and behaviours towards me

I understand conceptually that I can not be affected by other peoples words and actions, but this is so ingrained that it is like a reflex. I can even experience a moment of panic when I receive an email where I think I might have done something wrong.

Intentional Model
C People
T This person wants something, has a set of rules or expectations and I need to check in with myself first to see if this is something I want to do
F Supported
A I listen to/read the words or watch the persons body language with curiosity
R I am not affected by other peoples feelings and behaviours towards me

The thought in the above intentional model seems very wordy. Could you please guide me to a sentence that is more succinct please? The result is what I am determined to master.

Thanks for your help!