Met someone

I recently made the decision to relocate for a minimum of 5 months, from April 1st-August 31st. I made this decision for financial reasons, but then I met someone. I think he would be worth staying for. I’m a little sad! I’m worried that me leaving so early on in our relationship means I am killing the chance for us to be together long term.

I was feeling pretty committed to my decision of relocating, but the new circumstance of meeting this guy has created some new models that involve sadness and worry. Now I am questioning myself and considering backpedaling.

To be honest, it has not been a part of my personality to alter my life because of a man, so I am curious why I am even considering it.

My intellectual brain tells me that if our connection is strong enough, 5mo of long distance is truly nothing to be concerned about.

If someone were to tell me that he and I were going to end up together no matter what, then I would absolutely still relocate.

With all that being said, it still feels like I’m stuck between two models. I want to stay and I also want to go.