Mindset obstacles

You recommended that I 10x my impossible goal in order to generate better epic fails, so I’m re-doing the work, switching from generating 100K with my new coaching business in 2018, to generating 1M (that sure feels crazy impossible!).

As I was brainstorming reasons it’s impossible then trying to find strategies to overcome, I noticed that many of the reasons I listed are just limiting thoughts, such as “I’m just starting out” or “I don’t want to rush things” or “A year is not enough time” or “I’m not yet sure of my ability to help people”.

The strategy to overcome these seems to be to just choose better thoughts, such as:
– “I can be hyper successful from the get-go”
– “I can take massive action without rushing anything”
– “I can accomplish a lot in a year”
– “I’m already helping people”

Is thought management a valid strategy to overcome reasons we’ve identified?

(I’ve also found obstacles that seem more like real-life obstacles with actionable strategies, such as becoming better known in my field, planning my time carefully, etc.)