Model check for July1st

This is my model for July 1st on “yesterday wasn’t great and now it is”. I often have difficulty identifying the A and R because they seem to be more Thoughts.
C. Discussion with friends
T. I formed critical and judgmental thoughts about my friends and their opinions
F. Disappointed in myself, critical and judgmental toward myself
A. Inaction. Allow those T and F to define the entire day,
R.  I forget about all the fantastic fun things about that truly wonderful day AND my friends.

C. Discussion with friends
T. I was quick to recognize my stinking thinking. I’m so grateful for the SCS tools.

F. Encouraged/love

A. Tell myself I’m only responsible for my TFAR and remember my friends comments without judgement but with acceptance and curiosity.
R. I love my friends, myself and my life. (an improved life by using the SCS tools)