Model for feeling committed.

Hi Brooke.
I’m working on my commitment to my schedule and so far isn’t going too good, I’m keeping my 100 urgest lists, I keep scheduling even if I felt to accomplish it the day before, I’m trying my best to honor my plans, but I’m not getting the results I want. My procrastination and I were always in a battle and I used to force myself to have things done but this month that I’m trying to allow it to be there is winning the game 100 to 0.
I feel like shining the light on my procrastination has made it worst / stronger or I’m just more aware that is there but I feel more distracted than ever.
This is my intentional model:
C; money / business
F: committed
R: I’m a person who plans and honors my commitment no matter what.

I keep adding to the T and A the word “trying” and that word doesn’t help me at all, it gives my brain the little window that it need to scape, that it’s ok if I’m trying, I’ll get better at it, learn from it, but the results are the same, orders aren’t complete, business is down and there is not money coming.
Please help.