Model for getting more sleep

I would like to go to bed earlier to get more sleep and feel more energized with a clearer mind during the day. I start with the best intentions, but then once the kids (2 and 5) are in bed, I want to make the most of this evening time to just chill, read, watch Netflix, spend solo time with my husband, do some hand-lettering… All the things I don’t do during the day because I work (job I love) or take care of my kids.

I am just beginning work with the models and this is what I have:

Current model:
C- I go to sleep past 11pm on most nights.
T- There’s so much I want to do with my “me” time in the evening. I deserve this slice of freedom after a day of focused work and childcare.
F- Happy that I’m doing stuff I love to do, but guilty because I know I’m “stealing” sleep time from myself and will be tired the next day.
A- I stall and stall and don’t get into bed until I’m really exhausted.
R- I get less sleep than I need, and feel tired and slow during the day.

Desirable thought model:
C- I go to sleep past 11pm on most nights.
T- I want to prioritize sleep above all else.
F- Resolved, but also regretful that there will be less time for fun stuff at night.
A- Get into bed at 10:30pm with a book/TV series, commit to turning lights off at 11pm, follow through.
R- Better rested, more energy, better at pursuing my goals.

What do you think? As you can see in my second model, I can’t quite squelch the feeling that I’m giving up fun stuff. 🙂

Thank you!