Model help-craving afternoon carbs

Dear Brooke,
I’ve been off sugar and carbs since January 1. Generally I feel great! I do however have occasional desire for carbs. I’d love your help with this model as it happens a couple of times a week:
C: It is late afternoon
T: I’m craving carbs – bread or crackers
F: Deprived, stressed, emotional, tired
A: Ate seed/nut crackers, peanuts, prosciutto with melon, diet coke
R: I went off of my protocol and feel badly I didn’t honor my commitment to myself

C: It is late afternoon
T: I want to eat some carbs-bread or crackers
F: ?
A: Take the dog for a walk, feel the urge for carbs
R: Urge passes, don’t eat off protocol, feel confident and committed

I have been great about bouncing back to my protocol, so it is a victory that one mistake doesn’t send me into a tailspin of negativity and completely going off of my protocol.
Thank you!