Model Help – Overdrinking

I’d like some help please with my model.
I hosted a lunch yesterday and really over drank. I am trying to cut down. I didn’t stick to protocol, in fact I didn’t even do a plan.

C: Drank Alcohol yesterday at girls lunch
T: That was really stupid
F: Shame
A: Think about it all day, don’t do work that I am supposed to, don’t study. Spend time just thinking. Questioning, woke up in the night, feel sick, counted all the bottles. Made excuses for my behaviour
R: Judge myself, question myself. Get upset, ruminate more about it.

C: Drank Alcohol yesterday at a girls lunch
T: It’s okay, It was a special celebration with friends
F: relaxed
A: Forget about it, don’t spend all day berating myself. Get back to setting plans and sticking to protocols. Do all my required study.
R: I had an enjoyable time with my special friends.