Model Help on Weight Gain

I got home a week ago from being away for two months. I always go through this period of “now I can cook what I want” and I go about fixing and eating all the foods that I’ve missed those past few months. This time I told myself I was only going to allow two days and then I would get back on track with my eating. Well 2 days turned into 7.

I also hadn’t weighed myself. I’m up 5#. I did my thought DL on the weight gain and the number on the scale. It surrounded going backwards, self-sabotage, not feeling well when I overindulge Also if overeating is considered not loving myself enough to take care of myself.

C – weigh in – # on the scale
T – I have to do better. I’m tired of going backward
F – sad and angry
A – comfort myself with more food
R – feel worse, possibly gain more weight

C – same
T – it’s not as bad as expected
F – still sad but hopeful and motivated
A – ready to start over with eating within the limits that I’ve set for myself
R – feel better. No longer bloated or full. Lose weight.

I’ve also set up some daily goals to get back in the habit of achieving something measurable. For instance, today I commit to no sugar, I commit to getting 64+ oz of water and staying within my eating protocol. I think I need to see small steps before I dive in fully. Am I being too easy on myself?