More Model Practice. Input please

C- My Dad’s upcoming Endoscopy
T- I’m afraid at 81 and his family history he will have stomach cancer.
E- Fear
A- Thinking the worst, telling my friend my fears, going with my mom while my Dad has the procedure,
R- worrying

C- My Dad’s upcoming Endoscopy
T- He has had this done many times before with benign results
E- Encouraged
A- not going to project and be fearful for something that probably will turn out to be nothing; remembering that in the past when he has had this the results were something that could be managed.
R- worrying ahead of time will not serve me

C- Dad’s upcoming endoscopy
T- If he gets really bad news then I might throw this whole self-coaching thing and drinking thing out the window
E- defeated
A- thinking how I will respond to bad news and how that can be an excuse to just drink
R- failure

C- My Dad’s endoscopy
T- I really would not want to stop doing this work and use my dad’s bad news as an excuse to drink
E- empowered
A- continue my work to the best of my ability and keep reminding myself that I can’t look to this as an excuse to drink and discontinue my scholars work. I will not jump into control freak mode and dramatize the situation which for sure will lead me to come up with excuses to drink off my plan.
R- proud of myself and even more hopeful that I can change my thinking-feelings to become a more content and happier person