Model Question and Feeling Unruffled (LP)

Hey there! When I put the feeling “unruffled” in the F line because I want to not feel anything about something, I have trouble finding the intentional thought that I want to work towards. For example, right now I am angry at my husband. Last night he got my work clothes that were drying on the line outside wet with the hose. I had a coaching call so I couldn’t deal with it then so I asked him to please bring the clothes inside to dry since I didn’t want them to stay out over night. This morning I get up and he left them out all night. These are my expensive work clothes that I treat with care. I am pissed at him, but I don’t want to be. I want to be unruffled– meaning, unbothered. What is the thought that I would have when the feeling is neutral, unbothered, and unruffled? The action I want to take is communicate with my husband with love and the result is connection– but right now I feel angry because he “should have brought my clothes in” and then the action is yell and the result is a fight. None of this I want. Instead I want unruffled in the F line, Communicate with Love in the A line, and connected in the Result line. What’s the T? Help? (And thank you!)