Model questions

Dear Brooke,
I’m new to Scholars this month. In addition to your coaching call, I’ve also listened to the Beginner Call and Study Hall call, the were helpful. From the calls I learned it’s best not to put a question in the “Thought Line” and also to start any where it seems best (C, T, F, A or R) but then to work down the model, instead of jumping around (e.g. don’t start with a T and then go to the C line, instead go to the F line). Did I understand these two things correctly? I haven’t heard you mention them before in the years I’ve been listening to you, so I wanted to check. Also, I’m wondering about the F line and if I’m filling it out correctly. Yesterday my “Fs” didn’t seem like “vibrations” – they were “irresponsible” in my unintentional thought pattern, and “curious” in my intentional thought pattern. Thank you!!