New to Scholars. Where to start??

Dear Brooke,
After a couple of years of listening to your podcast, and after bring in your overdrinking group last year, I have signed up for scholars. I’m struggling with how much to do, what to do and what to focus on. I’ve listened to your introduction and taken part in the beginner call, so I see this is a common reaction (but knowing that still doesn’t help :)). My life is okay. There is no horrible area. HOWEVER…. there are many areas I want to create different results in… I want to create a better relationship with my husband (who I adore but often don’t treat well cause I’m trying to make him responsible for creating the life I want), I want to more of the Mom I want to be for my three children (who I adore, but often fuss at), I want to create a career where I show up as the big powerful me some part of me knows I am and create fabulous results in (don’t know what that is yet or how to) and I want to drink less and take better care of me (I am not suffering hugely with either of these last two areas… but I do buffer and want to stop). So WHERE to start?? It’s month one, so I was thinking to go “slowly”… i.e. do my homework daily, show up for all your calls, and listen to the podcast and do the work in that workbook and then reevaluate each month? What do you think? Thank you! Laura