Model Review – Paid Coaching Offer

Could you please review my UM and offer feedback? I noticed that while this T isn’t something I’m actively thinking as I’m going about my day, it’s more like a sneaky T that I truly believe. Is it possible to have a T like this that’s going on in the background of my mind, yet is very much affecting the way I’m showing up?

C: A client I was coaching for free declined my paid coaching offer.
T: My coaching isn’t worth paying for.
F: Defeated
A: I don’t post on social media, I don’t recognize the ways I’ve already helped myself through coaching and how I can help others through coaching as well, I don’t sell myself on my coaching and why what I have to offer could be life-changing, I don’t promote myself and my coaching offer in the way I’d want to, I question & doubt whether anyone would ever want to pay for my coaching.
R: I reduce the possibility of me being paid for my coaching.