Modelling a new thought toward my boss

Hi Brooke,

Here’s a model I did this morning and wanted to see if I am doing it right. I must admit it takes a while to do this and the practice is good.

My starting point is not liking my new boss. I find him “old school” in that macho kind of way… he is sexist and racist (heard off colour comments more than once) and this gives me the creeps. I will never be close to him as a person since we have very different values.

After doing this model, I felt much better so hoping I did it right!

Model 1:
C: new boss this year
T: I don’t like my boss – have different values, etc.
F: estranged
A: keep my distance
R: possibility of not getting fully integrated into the new team

Model 2:
C: new boss this year
T: I can bring value to my boss
F: useful
A: more dialogue
R: gain influence within the team