Models around physical pain

Hello! Will you please review my models?
C: Shoulder
T: I’m in a lot of pain
F: Afraid
A: Use the pain to avoid doing anything
R: Still in a lot of pain

C: Shoulder
T: This pain means I need to slow down, but I can still do other, non-physical things
F: Still afraid, but less so
A: Look for solutions to the pain, do the things I can do
R: Work despite the pain

I’m unaccustomed to feeling fear or anxiety around my body being able to do things, so I am trying to sit with it and realize that fear itself is okay. I know I can accomplish things, even with negative emotions – I’ve done it before and I expect we all have to. I’d love some guidance on these models to see if there’s a better way to be thinking about this physical pain.
Thank you!