Models on Summer Tutor Job

I have applied (and just found out I got accepted) for a low-paying position as a summer tutor for the school I work for during the school year. I will request more money. I’m working on models around if they don’t move on the original rate they posted and what will I do. I also have a coaching business and my impossible goal is to earn $101,000 this year through that business.

Thought Download:
I want to say no if they won’t move on $XX/hr
– I am above and beyond accepting work that is JUST $XX/hr
– Clearly the school doesn’t value tutors if they are paying these wages
– Education is such a low-paying industry.
– I feel offended
– I don’t even want this job
– I’m only taking this job to keep the cash flow going while school’s out (I’m not full time and don’t get paid over the summer)
– $XX/hr just doesn’t feel right
– If they say no, I want to feel confident and powerful in my bones
– It’s only 5 weeks doing this work.
– I’m sending a shitty message to the universe if I accept this rate

UM #1:
C- Summer tutor job
T- This rate is beneath me.
F – Contempt
A – Interact w tutor coordinator with snobby tone; If I say yes anyway, show up to session prep and professional development with resentment; Disgruntled energy when tutoring the kids
R – I show up with “this is beneath me/better than thou” energy, even if ever so slightly.

UM #2:
C – Summer tutor rate of $XX/hr
T – Clearly the school doesn’t value me if they are paying such a low rate.
F – Offended
A – If I accept the job anyway, I’ll be passive aggressive like wait a long time to reply to requests and show up late to meetings and sessions or quit the process before I even trying to negotiate
R – I don’t like the person I show up as. (Is there another even more impactful result here?)

UM #3:
C – Summer tutor rate of $XX/hr
T – I don’t even want this job.
F – Apathetic
A – Do C- work, roll my eyes then reply slowly to message requests from tutor coordinator, Show up late to sessions and PD meetings, Don’t care about feedback coordinator wants to give, Don’t care about improving tutoring skills
R – I don’t like the person I show up as. Damage my reputation. (Anything else impactful?)

C – Summer tutor coordinator says no to my request for more money (hypothetically)
T – Holy shit, I’m not going to be able to earn immediately to pay my bills.
F – Panic
A – Ruminate on past experiences of emotional upheaval and underearning; Frantically spend time looking for immediate income jobs I may not even want, also possibly underearning; Cry a lot; Be undisciplined with my calendar
R – I don’t earn what I need to pay my bills.

C – Summer tutor coordinator says no to my request for more money (hypothetically)
T – Great! Now I can focus even more on coaching.
F – Excited
A – 3-4 hrs/day LinkedIN outreach and connection calls; Talk to way more people; Place myself in more positions to make offers
R – Sign 3 new coaching clients (What about an “I” focused result? Like “I prove to myself that I really didn’t need that tutor job”)