Models on the idea of going "all in"

Hi! I’m a little confused by this model and would love some feedback and cleaning up if needed. This is about considering the idea of going all in on my protocol. I’m especially unsure on whether my circumstance is truly factual (since maybe not provable) and what it should be instead.

C: I am debating whether to try to follow my protocol 100% (or just the idea of “going all in”?)
T: I might not be able to stick to it 100%
F: fear
A: don’t try, low expectations for self
R: I don’t go all in and stick to it

C: ??
T: It’s worth a try
F: open but skeptical
A: start trying…maybe not try for long
R: I see some results that make it worthwhile (but not massive results)

C: ??
T: As I’m learning to feel my emotions, I get more and more successful at staying on plan.
F: growth-minded, forward-focused
A: focus on emotions, respond to off-plan eats with curiosity and move on
R: get more and more successful and practice feeling emotions.

Thanks! xx