models on pain medicine

I feel like I must take my pain medication every 8 hours or I start hurting. The thing is, many years ago, I went for 2 solid weeks without taking it and felt perfectly fine, until I started thinking about how I hadn’t been taking it and then boom, the pain returned. I’ve never gotten back there. So some models on it:
C-Fibromyalgia diagnosis
T-If I don’t take my 2 prescriptions and 1 NSAID every 8 hours I’ll be in pain.
F-dependent upon medicine and in physical pain or the perception of physical pain
A-continue to take medicines every 8 hours
R-continue to feel controlled by the need for the medicine

C-Fibro diagnosis
T-Taking pain medication is a choice and I choose something different
F-Confident I’m fine, even better, without it
A-Do not take medicine
R-Continue to choose not needing it

C-Fibro diagnosis
T-I can choose to no longer identify with fibromyalgia
A-Don’t take RXs/NSAID
R-I can control my thoughts and how I identify

C-Fibro diagnosis
T-I’ve shown myself before I can go at least 2 weeks without medicines
F-Strong & brave
A-Don’t take meds/DO take care of myself
R-I no longer “need” the medicine

C-Fibro diagnosis
T-I could choose exercise & better nutrition
A-start gentle regular exercise/eat better
R-Feel better sans RX

Boom! Now to run some models on the habit of reaching for the medicine. This is a big start though.