Mom Guilt

I know that we are supposed to use our feelings in order to get information. Guilt is a feeling that we can use to reflect whether or not we want to change the way we do something or apologize to someone we may have hurt. BUT I was wondering what the purpose of “mom guilt” is. Many moms experience guilt for working “too” much or for doing something for themselves. Is there a reason for that?

What is coming up for me is that our brain is telling us that we shouldn’t completely enjoy doing something for ourselves because then we would really be a bad mother, so we sort of hold on to it in order to make what we are doing not as bad. Any ideas why mom guilt would serve us?

I know this is more of a hypothetical type question, but I don’t really have anyone to talk about this to. Thought this would be a place I could bounce my thoughts off of someone.

Thank you!