Mom’s comments

Hi Brooke,
My mom rarely ever likes anything I do or wear even.
Ex. “Ummm no, I don’t like that nail color.” or “I guess he’s alright (referencing any man currently dating)”

My response is to tell her that she’s “such a hater” but internally I feel so defeated. Will you please help me with the model below? Ultimately, I don’t want to care about what she thinks or hold any value in her opinion.

C – mom’s comments
T- nothing I ever do is good enough
F- defeated
A- go off/ tell her she’s a hater, sulk internally
R- keep thinking that nothing I do is ever good enough

Intention Model:
C- mom’s comments
T- her comments are a reflection of her thoughts and have nothing to do with me
F- nuetral, unbothered
A- don’t get offended, continue with the conversation, dont give her opinion any value
R- think that her comments have nothing to do with me and everything to do with her

Thanks for your help!