Monday Hour One: Meeting ourselves where we are vs deciding how long something takes

I just watched the buffering call with Lisa Martinello and thought it was amazing! I got so much value from it.

Part of the advice Lisa gave a caller having trouble going through with focus time and scheduled activities because the caller didn’t feel her schedule was realistic was that “We need to meet ourselves where we are, then decide ride or die this is happening…so instead of planning 4 activities, plan 2”

I love this advice because I’ve been doing Monday Hour One for three weeks now and feel like I’m pressuring myself to get done in an hour what normally takes me 3, and then I get frustrated that I’m not following my schedule. Then I get overwhelmed because I fall behind and trust myself even less because I have to keep constantly readjusting my schedule.

As Lisa pointed out, it seems the obvious solution here is to give myself more time for activities to build trust with myself and then slowly reduce the time I gave myself for activities. But, I keep resisting this idea because Brooke says “Time is what you decide it is” and “Something takes as long as you decide it will take.”

So if I decide today my outline should take 30 minutes, even though it normally takes me an hour, I’m frustrated when I don’t because “Something takes as long as you decide it will take.” How can I reconcile these teachings?

Does Brooke really mean “Something takes as long as you decide it will take, within reason”

Right now I feel like I’m trying to run a marathon without first building up to it with training.