MONDAY HOUR ONE Qs from a doctor

I am committing to learning and practicing the MONDAY HOUR ONE method to transform my relationship to time and get more done.

I have not explored podcasts related to this yet but I have watched all the videos, done my to-do-list download and am currently working on figuring out my calendar (1st time around, it is taking more than one hour, but I am also learning how to use google calendar better.)

I may have misunderstood the to do download instructions– I have a list that includes my “someday/maybe” ideas and items that cannot be scheduled right now (e.g. travel out of my state–I live in Hawaii and we currently have a 14 day quarantine for return– we do not plan to travel until 2022.) Do I put those items into Jan of 2022 so they are “on the calendar/not held on a list? Can I just make up an approximate time to start thinking or planning these items and then just hold the spot till I get closer? (… I think I just answered this one on my own, that is what makes the most sense to me–please let me know how others have handled this or what the treat MHO recommendation might be).

I am having trouble understanding how to put in FOCUS TIME and self care, let alone all the tasks I actually need to do for my job each day. (MD for frail homebound elderly during Covid).

My relationship with time has a long way to go for sure, even pre-covid.  I work late, or in the middle of the night in order to get my tasks done. I know planning ahead and giving myself only a certain amount of time to complete each task will transform my life over the next couple of weeks and even more so after, but I wonder if my job actually fits into 40 hours/week (e.g If I have patient visits scheduled from 8-12 and 1-5 and I have the additional charting associated with those patients, 15 phone calls that on a good day may take 5-15 minutes each and require attention the same day due to patient’s health, charting for these calls, and several other projects as medical director of my service line…..

I am starting to see how this method will lead me to get more support for my job, but in medical cultural reality, I actually have a lot of support (several nurse practitioners who share the patient load, some protected admin time, amazing MAs.)

Do you have some guidance here? My calendar is full of my assigned responsibilities for the week– there are some 5-15 min slots open, but no 2 hour blocks to find focus time in my work schedule. I would like some help. Thank you.