Money Blocks

Hi I’m a new entrepreneur and course creator. I am watching Brook’s Money topic this month. In yesterday’s session I was reminded that something I should be doing is imagining my life and making decision from a place of what someone who earns what I want to earn makes. For example, instead of making decisions from my current income which is roughly $100K yearly, I should be making decisions as though I already make the income I want to make which is $325k-1 million per year. My question is how do I know what a person who makes that kind of money thinks and acts? Are there books or interviews or something where I can study and better understand what that looks like in real life? Additionally, I’m a little concerned that I may have an unconscious cap on what I earn. I have always earned around $100k a year and that’s the most I’ve ever made. How can I work on releasing any blocks to earning more $? Thank you!